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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Rise Women Network

Simply go to our 'How to Join' page and you have two options. You click the button to just join our free Leadership Network (to take part in the masterclasses and online leadership forums) OR you can also apply to be mentored (you can click HERE ). Both Rise Leadership Network and our mentoring programme is free of charge.

How do you protect my information?

We take data protection extremely seriously and we do not share your information with anyone who is not part of the team at Rise Women Leadership Network. You matter to us and your data matters to us.

Are there any costs involved?

It is completely free to join Rise Women Network and there is no charge for being mentored. Our leadership forums are free as are our masterclasses. We may sometimes ask for offerings online towards speaker costs but these are optional never mandatory!

Do you hold In person events?

Not yet but we will! Our first goal is to build a strong, supportive network of women leaders and to organise a series of great online masterclasses followed by some great interactive leadership forums. But we are sure that down the line, we will organise events where we can meet in person!

Who leads rise women?

You can find out information about our core leaders on our team page. Keely Morley is the founder and we have a great team with different responsibilities who all make Rise Women the brilliant network that it is.


The short answer is ... absolutely! We recognise not everyone will want to take up the free mentoring option. You may just want to be part of the free leadership network, enjoy being part of community and taking part in the online discussions as and when you can.  Our goal is to be a support and a resource.

Is this for all female church leaders?

Yes! Rise Leadership Network is for ALL women who lead in every area - from Department Leaders to Youth Pastors, from Executive Pastors to Vicars, from Lay Readers to Team Leaders, from Assistant Ministers to Senior Pastors and every other title or leadership function. If you lead in any capacity in the Church or Christian Ministry – Rise is for you!


We have a great list of resources from books to articles to websites etc - just sign up to Rise Women and you will receive regular recommendations.

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