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About Rise Women

Who we are and why we exist

Firstly let me start by introducing myself - my name is Keely Morley and I have been in Church leadership for 27 years in various roles and I have been a Senior Church leader for nearly 20 of those years. I lead Net Church in the South of England (which is part of the Assemblies of God denomination), alongside my husband Roy and a great team, and we have currently got 5 church locations. We have repurposed churches and planted churches and we have spent years raising teams and developing leaders (male and female). We are passionate about every church leader functioning as God intended, in their gift, and for His purposes. 

The Problem

Over the years, as a Christian leader, there has been a consistent struggle for almost all of the women leaders I know (in varying degrees) - the struggle for women to feel seen and valued, equipped and trained, mentored and released. There are also women right now in churches around the globe who are incredibly gifted and called by God, but are sat in the congregation, unable to be or do the very things they feel created for simply because they are women. We will be listing some great resources to give you biblical tools to understand what the New Testament teaches on this topic if you aren't sure. For those who are leading, we also know many women leaders feel the lack of real connection - often feeling isolated and unable to share difficulties or problems. There are so many external pressures, that women can find it impossible to find a safe space to unpack areas of weakness or frustrations - or simply to know who to turn to, to stretch and grow them.

The Solution

Rise Women has sprung up out of the desire to create a genuine network of female Christian Leaders who can inspire one another, spur one another on, challenge and equip each other plus find real, authentic friendships. We aren't "professionals" but we do have vast experience between us and a huge amount of wisdom as a community of women. We are committed to bringing the change and being the change that our world and our churches desperately need. We would love you to be part of it. 

Feel free to reach out for additional information.

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