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Mentoring - who needs it!

The truth is, everyone! So often we have this idea that the longer we have been in leadership the less we should need others! In fact the opposite is true, the more weight that we carry, the more support that we need. We may grow in capacity and experience but we never stop needing wisdom and advice.

Here at Rise Women Leadership Network we offer free peer to peer mentoring that runs for 24 months online. The team are spending the summer matching those who have applied with our mentors (great leaders with a vast variety of roles and experiences to help). We aim to match as many as applied as possible.

Leadership can be incredibly isolating. Who do you speak to if you have marriage problems and you are in leadership (not everyone has a team they can talk to or trust sadly)? Who do leaders speak to if they are feeling out of their depth or facing a situation they have never navigated before? Many leaders have shared deep loneliness over the years, but this is not God's plan. He placed us in community, He desires that we ALL have people we can trust and glean from. And this is the heart of this network. To help you connect, build real friendships, find mentors, join live forums to discuss topics and watch our online masterclasses at a time that suits you.

Why not check out our masterclass about mentoring by clicking here. You need to be a member of our network (also free to join, just go to our website and click how to join.

We want to be a resource and a help. Mentoring matters because YOU matter.

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