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Deciding to decide!

As leaders we are constantly faced with making decisions. Carly Fiorina is an American businesswoman and politician, who led Hewlett-Packard for 6 years. She was the first woman to lead a Fortune Top 20 company. Recently in a leadership interview, Carly noted that for her the key to making good decisions always starts with asking questions. This doesn’t just apply to the business world but in church too. Asking the right questions can reveal the actual issue or problem. Asking the right questions can help us to understand what needs to change and why. Asking the right questions can help us to help others who find change difficult.

Before we make any decisions we need to make space to ask questions. Here are some we have found helpful -

  • What needs to change and why?

  • What’s working?

  • What isn’t working and why?

  • Where are we now in this ministry/department etc and where do we want to be in 12 months?

  • What are the steps we need to take?

  • When do we need to make each step?

  • Who do I need to include in this decision making process?

  • How can I inspire others to see this change is necessary?

What questions do you find helpful when you are preparing to bring change? Why not check out our YouTube channel Rise Women Network where I unpack more on this topic - ask questions. Ask good questions. But don’t be afraid to ask. It will lead to good decisions.

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